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dc.contributor.advisorHaltinner, Urs
dc.contributor.authorMughal, Zubia
dc.description.abstractThis case study informs the instructional design practice by adopting an agile and learner-centered approach, focusing on the 70:20:10 learning experience design. The study tackles the persistent training transfer gap, identifying key factors hindering successful implementation. Drawing from established literature, the research aims to transform training programs into drivers of real-world performance improvement. Through collaborative efforts among Learning and Development L&D professionals and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), the 70:20:10 learning experience design emerges, empowering organizations to redefine impactful learning experiences. The findings strongly support the positive hypothesis, demonstrating that effective collaboration between stakeholders results in an enhanced 70:20:10 learning experience design, significantly improving training transfer. This research sets the stage for a transformative shift in instructional design methodologies, equipping organizations with the tools to deliver performance-focused and learner-centric training. The research unfolds through a triad of questions. The first seeks to understand the root of the training transfer gap, evaluated through qualitative manager interviews. The second question addresses the enhancement of training transfer, using lessons from existing literature to formulate an effective 70:20:10 training model and collecting data for this design. The final question delves into the role of L&D professionals and SMEs, in designing the 70:20:10 learning experience to uplift training transfer within the case context. The findings provide actionable insights into instructional design practices, SME collaboration and the Agile ADDIE process - narrowing the training transfer gap and enhancing organizational learning effectiveness.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Wisconsin--Stouten_US
dc.titleOptimizing Workplace Training Transfer: A Case Study on Designing the 70:20:10 Training Strategy through SME and L&D Collaborationen_US
dc.typeThesisen_US and Technical Education

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