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  • Oral History Interview, Rose (Toby) Salvidar (1575) 

    Salvidar, Rose (Toby) (2016-12-10)
    In her 2016 interview with Pat Calchina, Toby Saldivar details her life before coming to Madison and her time in Madison from 1971, till the present. Toby speaks briefly of her life in Texas and Mexico. In Madison, she ...
  • Oral History Interview, David Trubek (1521) 

    Trubek, David (2011-04-11)
    In his April 11th interview with Matthew Levin, David Trubek talks about his time at the University of Wisconsin during the McCarthy era, and his involvement with the Labor Youth League. He also talks about the Ford Student ...
  • Oral History Interview, Don Tierney (1407) 

    Tierney, Don (2014-12-12)
    Don Tierney is a current developer and farmer in the Madison area. Don’s family has farmed in the Madison area since 1848. Jerry Tierney is Don’s son, also a farmer in the area. In the December 2014 interview, Don talks ...
  • Oral History Interview, Dwayne Rohweder (1482) 

    Rohweder, Dwayne (2016-04-05)
    Dwayne Rohweder served the UW system and the state of Wisconsin as both an extension agent and as a faculty member in the Department of Agronomy. Initially working in Iowa as a coop extension agent, Rohweder eventually ...
  • Test license step 

    Prater, Scott (2022-05-17)
    test abstract
  • Oral History Interview, Brian Esselman (1315) 

    Esselman, Brian (2012-12-17)
    In his 2012 interview with Megan Falater, Brian Esselman describes his participation in protests over the Budget Repair Bill proposed by Governor Scott Walker in early 2011. Esselman describes his experiences working within ...
  • Oral History Interview, Ursula Sue Silver (1248) 

    Silver, Ursula Sue (2010-06-16)
    In these interviews, Ursula Sue Silver ruminates on her life. She remembers her parents and recalls her childhood and high school years in Merrill, WI. Silver moved to Milwaukee and married following high school. After ...
  • Measurements of Volatile Organic Compounds in an Occupied Classroom 

    Bertram, Timothy; Thakali, Subi; Wokosin, Kevin; Rogers, Martina (2022-07-27)
    This dataset contains measurements of indoor air quality made in an occupied classroom at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. The measurements are described in detail in the attached readme file. Measurements include: ...
  • Oral History Interview, Jillian Jacklin (1296) 

    Jacklin, Jillian (2012-08-07)
    In her 2012 interview with Megan Falater, Jillian Jacklin describes her participation in protests over the Budget Repair Bill proposed by Governor Scott Walker in early 2011. She also briefly describes her undergraduate ...
  • Oral History Interview, Susan Fischer (1096) 

    Fischer, Susan (2010-06-22)
    In her June 2010 interviews with Erik Trekell, Susan Fischer shared her experiences in the lesbian community of Madison and the University of Wisconsin. She related how growing up in Madison and working in Indiana had ...
  • A neural network-based cloud mask for PREFIRE and evaluation with simulated observations 

    Bertossa, Cameron D. (University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2022)
  • Oral History Interview, Alexander Nagel (1077) 

    Nagel, Alexander (2010-02-23)
    In his three February 2010 interviews with Bob Lange, Alex Nagel charts the progress of his career as a mathematician and administrator at the University of Wisconsin-Madison through the 1970s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. After ...
  • Oral History Interview, Waclaw Szybalski (1411) 

    Waclaw, Szybalski (2013-07-09)
    In his 2015 interview with Piotr Puchalski (conducted in Polish), Wacław Szybalski spoke about his youth in interwar and wartime Poland, his membership in the Maritime and Colonial League of Poland, and Polish maritime ...
  • Oral History Interview, Lance Link (1467) 

    Link, Lance (2016-02-10)
    In her 2016 interview with Pat Calchina, Lance Link details her life in Madison. She spoke of the time period between 1987 and the present and of the following topics: lesbianism, lesbian separatism, Madison’s lesbian ...
  • Oral History Interview, Patricia Calchina (1456) 

    Calchina, Patricia (2015-07-23)
    In her 2015 interview with Michele Besant, Pat Calchina details her life in Madison. She spoke of the time period around 1987 when she arrived in Madison, and the present. The following topics were covered: motivation to ...
  • Transport properties of fast ice within the nearshore 

    Zoet, Lucas (2022-07-01)
    Fast ice affects many coastlines in high- and mid-latitude regions, shaping the coastal morphology by acting as both a protective barrier from winter storms and as an erosive agent through sediment entrainment and transport. ...
  • Oral History Interview, Connor Murphy (1193) 

    Murphy, Connor (2011-12-05)
    In his interview with Courtney McGraw for the Oral History Project, UW-Madison freshman Connor Murphy discusses his experiences in the 2000s as a bisexual teenager and later at UW-Madison. He discusses being bullied in ...
  • Oral History Interview, Anatole Beck (1057) 

    Beck, Anatole (2009-09-23)
    In his two September 2009 interviews with Bob Lange, Anatole Beck talks about his work and activism from the 1950s to the late 2000s. Beck chronicled his family background and education which influenced the development of ...
  • Oral History Interview, Michael Buckler & Natali Mickelsen (1222) 

    Buckler, Michael; Mickelsen, Natali (2011-03-26)
    In their March 2011 interview, Michael Buckler and Natali Mickelsen discuss their experiences as Peace Corps volunteers in Malawi, detailing both their own journeys and Malawian culture and life more broadly.
  • Oral History Interview, Cynthia Cauthern (1614) 

    Cauthern, Cynthia (2017-06-08)
    In her 2017 interview with Pat Calchina, Cynthia Cauthern details her life in Madison. She speaks of the time period between 1982 and the present. She talks about her social life in Madison, her participation in political ...

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