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    • Dynamics of Low Density Rydberg Gases 

      Brekke, Erik; Day, Jason O.; Walker, Thad G. (2008-06-09)
      A state-dependent stimulated emission probe was used to investigate the coherent and dynamic properties of cold Rydberg atoms. 87Rb atoms were excited to various nl Rydberg states from a MOT via continuous two-photon ...
    • Non-Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing through Rydberg States in a MOT 

      Day, Jason; Brekke, Erik; Walker, Thad G. (2007-07-02)
      In this work, we use a three-photon near-resonant process in a laser-cooled Rb vapor to achieve phase-matched four-wave mixing using an intermediate Rydberg state. Rydberg atoms in the 36D5/2 state are efficiently produced ...