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    • Window of Opportunity: Creating a Hopeful Future Following the COVID-19 Disaster 

      Wilson, Shari L.; Gaffney, Jessica L.; Potter-Nelson, Elizabeth; Redman, Erin N.; Rudinger, Belinda (Synergetic Approach to the Design of Living Space of Personality Conference, Poltava V.G. Korolenko National Pedagogical University, 2021-04-27)
      The COVID-19 disaster has resulted in feelings of isolation and trauma, as well as hope for the future. Two international studies were conducted in 2020 to measure the impacts of gender equity, access to health care, and ...
    • Year 1: Pollinating My Doctoral Journey 

      Wilson, Shari L. (2020-05-12)
      Biodiversity is decreasing around the world. An international network for teachers and students to utilize in growing biodiverse schoolyards would make much more habitat available. Questions to ask include: How can schoolyards ...
    • Your Story is Your Strength: Developing an Ethic of Care Through Transformative Learning 

      Gaffney, Jessica L. (School of Education, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, 2020-05)
      The purpose of this study was to explore how transformative-learning theory supported the development of an ethics of care among seven students participating in a women’s leadership development program and how their learning ...