Recent Submissions

  • You shall Cook and Eat 

    Unknown author (2017-04-17)
  • Eloa ou la Soeur des Anges 

    Corre, Alan; de Vigny, Alfred (2012-04-05)
    "Eloa, or the Sister of the Angels" written in 1823 by Alfred de Vigny, is widely recognized as one of the best poems of the nineteenth century. It tells the story of a girl angel, born of a divine tear, who falls in love ...
  • Curriculum Vitae 

    Unknown author (2011-12-22)
  • What should be Done?--The Crisis in Hebrew Literature (1907) 

    Corre, Alan; Klausner, Josef (2011-06-01)
    This is a translation from Hebrew of a 25-page work published in Krakow, Poland in 1907. Dr. J. Klausner begs support for Hebrew literature at a time when the disturbed political situation in Eastern Europe made any ...
  • On Violence in the City: The Despair, Hope, Unfulfilled Expectations, Resignation/Desperation Syndrome 

    Van Horne, Winston A. (2002)
    Much is known about despair, hope, unfulfilled expectations, resignation, and desperation in the everyday lives of individuals. This essay is distinctive in that it taps what is known about each concept individually to ...
  • Africology: A Theory of Forces 

    Van Horne, Winston A. (2010)
    This manuscript is a product of the long years that I have spent in reflection on the discipline of africology. I have written previously of africology as a subject-matter discipline and an institutional discipline. In ...
  • Philosophical Reflections, 1 

    Khatchadourian, Haig (2010-11-11)
  • Icon Programming for Humanists 

    Corré, Alan (2010)
  • Prologue 

    Corré, Alan; Castellanos, Carles (2010-02-04)
    This is a translation into English from Catalan of the Prologue to "La Lingua Franca. Consideracions cr�tiques" by Carles Castellanos. It describes the development of Lingua Franca, with special reference to sources in ...
  • Constitution of Congregation Mickv� Israel, 1824 

    Corré, Alan (2010-01-04)
    This is a transcript of the constitution of Congregation Mickv� Israel (now spelled Mikveh) Philadelphia of 1824, with an introduction and identification of all the individuals mentioned therein.
  • PICTA--The World of Lingua Franca 

    Corré, Alan; Rossetti, Roberto (2009-02)
    Illustrations of Lingua Franca with pictures provided by Robert Rossetti and annotations by Alan Corre.
  • A Letter from Ch. Virolleaud 

    Corré, Alan (2009-08-31)
    Text of a letter from Charles Virolleaud in response to an article "The Decipherment of Ugaritic".
  • Universities: The Addition of Human Value 

    Van Horne, Winston A. (2009-02-19)
    This essay discusses the addition of value to individuals, groups, communities, and societies through the teaching-learning communities of universities. It begins by calling out the concept of human value. It continues by ...
  • A Glossary of Lingua Franca 

    Parkvall, Mikael; Zago, Renate; Corré, Alan; Brummet, Martha; Rosetti, Roberto; Bellman, Jonathan, 1957- (2007-06-19)
  • Children's Literature 

    Corré, Alan (2007-05-29)
  • Judeo-Arabic 

    Corré, Alan (2007-05-21)
  • Occasional Addresses 

    Corré, Alan (2007-05-21)
  • Occasional Writings 

    Corré, Alan (2007-05-21)
  • Barmitzvah addresses 

    Corré, Alan (2007-05-14)
  • Psalms of Sefarad: A Lecture-Recital 

    Corré, Alan (2007-05-09)

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