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    • Investigating Gradients in Ozone and Temperature with Respect to Lake Breeze Onsets During the 2017 Lake Michigan Ozone Study 

      Mottishaw, Whitney; Zaleski, Marissa; Jeffries, Tyler; Blouin, Wil; Cleary, Patricia Anne (2019-05)
      The 2017 Lake Michigan Ozone Study (LMOS) was a collaborative, multi-agency field campaign that ran May 22, 2017, through June 22, 2017, in eastern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois. The UW-Eau Claire mobile platform ...
    • Self-Navigating Field Programmable Gate Array Robot 

      Pierson, Kim W.; Howard, Turner; Zaleski, Marissa; Tollakson, Rebecca (2018-02-26)
      The purpose of this research is to design a self-navigating robot that can perform at a higher speed than the previous configuration. We accomplished this by using a new kind of computer chip called a field programmable ...
    • Self-Navigation Robot Using 360° Sensor Array 

      Easterla, Dylan; Grubish, Jason; Kukay, Alexander; Tremain, Nicolas; Zaleski, Marissa; Pierson, Kim W.; Howard, Turner (2017-04-13)
      The goal of this project was to develop a robot that can navigate through an environment with many obstacles using a sensor array that provides a 360-degree view of its surroundings. The sensor array consists of infrared ...