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    • How Will International Students Spend Their Vacation? 

      Yan, Ruifeng; Christensen, Ami; Li, Yifan; Du, Xinyan; Jiao, Tianqi (2019-04)
      Nowadays, international students are under great pressures, so they are looking forward to the vacation to relax. However, it is also important for them to spend vacation wisely. In order to help them make full use of their ...
    • International Students and Library Resources : International Students’ Using Library Resources 

      Xu, Xue; Yang, Yufan; Huang, Siyuan; Zhang, Chi; Yan, Ruifeng; Christensen, Ami (2019-05)
      As international students, we want to know the situation of international students using library resources and we also want to help them use it more effectively. When talking about this topic, we hold the view that most ...