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    • Discrimination Depicting Disrespect 

      Peden, Blaine F.; Walkowlak, Nicholas J.; Van Cleave, Austin M. (2018-02-16)
      Discrimination is unjust treatment of others. Discrimination is commonly directed toward minority groups such as different ethnicities and sexualities (Bahns & Branscombe, 2011). Discrimination can be active or subtle. ...
    • US Religious Beliefs and Attitudes 

      Walkowlak, Nicholas J.; Schmidt, Abigail J.; Miller, Caitlin; Goodman, Jeffrey A. (2019-05)
      In 2017, White Christians (WCs) became a religious minority in the United States. We propose that, for WCs, learning about this demographic shift may result in a type of group-identity threat. When exposed to group ...