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    • Analysis of Combining Musical Scale Vectors 

      Gullerud, Emily; Walker, James S. (2017-04-20)
      The motivation for this project stems from a paper by Dr. William A. Sethares. One of the topics this paper explores is how scale vectors that represent musically significant collections of notes (MSCN's), such as musical ...
    • Analysis of Combining Musical Scale Vectors 

      Gullerud, Emily; Walker, James S.; Don, Gary W. (2018-03-12)
      This interdisciplinary project uses mathematics to represent musically significant collections of notes such as scales, chords and intervals as combinations of each other. These note collection were converted into ...
    • Chord Transformations and Beethoven 

      Knauf, Jeanne (2011-05)
      There are a number of transformations to mathematically describe transitions between notes, phrases, and chords. Examples of these transformations are prevalent throughout the works of L. V. Beethoven and especially ...
    • Development of Audio Denoising. 

      Rush, David (2009-04)
      An audio denoising plug-in for the very widely used audio processor, Audacity, was developed and tested on many noisy musical recordings. Our new method outperforms Audacity's own built-in denoiser. We then worked on ...
    • Dissonance Analysis Using Sethares' and Modified Method 

      Lasiuk, Alexander (2014-04)
      The purpose of this study was to measure dissonance in music. Dissonance of music is considered to be the "movement" or "roughness" in the music. How can we measure this quantitatively? The answer lies in Fourier analysis ...
    • A New Method in Cryptography II 

      Christy, Jacqueline (2009-07-27)
      When transferring data, it is important to encrypt the information with an algorithm that cannot be broken. One of the most frequent strategies used to decode messages is frequency analysis, so it is important the algorithm ...
    • A New method of Cryptography 

      Christy, Jacqueline (2008-10-06)
      A new method of cryptography was developed using randomly altering wavelet transform values of the plain text language.
    • New Methods in Algorithmic Music. 

      Cortner, Christian N. (2009-04)
      Music is inherently mathematical. The intervals between notes in a scale, a chord, the timing between notes in a rhythm, repetitions and variations of musical themes and the organization of phrases in a piece can all be ...
    • New methods in color image compression. 

      Beranek, Greg (2008-09-17)
      Research conducted to develop a lossy and lossless compression method for color images based on the WDR and ASWDR methods for grey-scale images.
    • Perceptions of Loudness in Dissonance and Harmonic Tones 

      Kastenschmidt, Abby; Luman, Sarah (2015-04)
      The inspiration for this research was based on the work done by Sethares. For the past 20 years he has been analyzing sensory dissonance and its relation to musical analysis and composition. Most of his work was based on ...
    • Universal Image Quality 

      Edge, Robert (2010-04)
      We worked on applying an objective comparison of image quality in image compression. This objective measure is the recently published "Image Quality Index" (IQI). We applied the IQI to obtaining objective comparisons of ...