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    • Discriminative stimulus effects of naltrexone in rats with limited access to sucrose 

      Marek, Morgan A.; Moe, Simon M.; De Roach, Elliott; Warner, Jamie; James, Kimberly F.; Altendorf, Luke R.; Paukner, Dawn; Thai, Calvin; Herrmann, Jody; Jewett, David C.; Rolefson, Kelsey; Moline, Adam D.; Eichstadt, Rachel M.; Wachholz, Blake; Edwards, Paige A.; Virnig, Austin (2017-03-14)
      Naltrexone, an opioid antagonist, is not discriminable at typical doses in operant paradigms. We attempted to establish naltrexone as a discriminative stimulus in rats given 12-hour dark cycle access to sucrose solutions. ...