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    • History and Memory of the Marburg Uprising of 1809 and the Napoleonic Wars in Hessen 

      Vander Ginten, Garrett (2010-04)
      Our project asked why a monument to the 1809 Marburg Uprising against Napoleon appeared in the city of Marburg when it did (approximately 100 years after the event took place). We asked which social groups created it, ...
    • Holocaust Memory and Public History : Examining Holocaust Museums from 1947-2001 

      Lahti, Hannah M.; Sanislo, Teresa M.; Oberly, James W. (2019-05)
      Holocaust museums and memorials are central features to Holocaust memory and education. The phrase “Never Again” continues to be a theme in Holocaust memory, which has led to support for Holocaust education. The ...
    • Jewish Salon Women in Berlin : a Public History 

      Meschke, Cady; Berlin, Caitlyn (2012-04)
      The purpose of this study was to analyze representations of late eighteenth-century Jewish salon women through contemporary public history venues in Berlin.
    • Let's Go! Female Travelers 

      Jarvais, Stephanie (2011-05)
      Tourism is an important medium for public engagement with the European past. Americans encounter and engage with narratives about the European past prior to their trip when reading travel guides and during their trip when ...
    • The Portrayal of the Holocaust in Latvia as told by the National Occupation Museum of Latvia. 

      Grochowski, John M. (2007-05-01)
      This project examines how the Latvian Nation responded to the history of the Holocaust within its own country by studying exhibits within the National Occupation Museum of Latvia.
    • The Power of Nostalgia : An Exploration of Wisconsin’s Romanticized Logging Industry 

      Dehnke, Kaitlyn; Turner, Patricia R.; Sanislo, Teresa M. (2020-04)
      The years between the 1830s and 1920s are vital years in the history of Wisconsin and its extensive logging industry. The logging industry shaped Wisconsin’s history, geographical makeup, and reputation globally. Yet most ...
    • The Silent professor : the story of Wilhelm Lehmann. 

      Boyeson, Matthew R. (2008-09-29)
      Research focuses on Wilhlem Lehmann, a German immigrant from the Prussian territory of Westphalia. He immigrated due to political pressure from the government, and arrived in America unknown, continuing his life as a ...
    • What Do We Remember? : Identities, Memories and Central European History 

      Lanska, John R. (2015-04)
      The goal of this project was to transform the course HIST 325 "History and Memory in Central Europe" from an online, three-week course into a full-semester honors course that aligned with the newly-adopted Liberal Education ...
    • Wir Bleiben Hier! : History, Memory, Aging, and Civic Activism in Berlin 

      Carpenter, Benjamin; Sanislo, Teresa M.; Brown, Josh; Schneeman, Hannah (2018-01-25)
      This project explored the connections between collective memory formation, identity politics, and civic engagement in Prenzlauer Berg, a neighborhood in the Pankow district of the German capital, Berlin. The neighborhood ...
    • Women in East Germany : a Public History 

      Berlin, Caitlyn; Meschke, Cady (2012-04)
      Feminist perspectives have transformed research, scholarship and teaching of German history. This study investigated whether women's history has also informed representations of the past encountered in public history ...