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    • Examining the Impact of Early Exposure to Undergraduate Research on Collegiate Bridge Students 

      Colwitz, Alyssa; Eichman-Doud, J.T.; Gilbertson, Marguerite; Grohn, Ben; Nelson, Renee; Rupnow-Tabb, Patti; Thao, Presley; Thompson, Kinsey; Turkowitch, Allison; Xiong, Pada; Xiong, Vili; Yang, Sherry (2012-04)
      This study was conducted by the Collegiate Bridge students through a pilot session of GEN 100 curriculum that involved the integration of an undergraduate research component. This study focused on determining additional ...
    • Students' Reported Political Engagement and Knowledge in a Politically Charge Environment 

      Daley, Caitlin; Nelson, Renee; Ellefson, Sydney; Drewiske, Kim; Carlson, Katie (2015-04)
      Research has shown that student involvement on college campuses is associated with their overall college satisfaction (Webber, Krylow, Zhang, 2013) and that college students have low political knowledge and involvement ...