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    • Developing Baseline Performance in an Animal Model of Learning and Memory 

      Johnson, Amy R.; DeLapp, Christina; Dobbe, Jennifer E.; Nelson, Courtney L.M.; Gomer, Bailey; Van Asten, Ryan M.; Franklin, Bethany R. (2012-04)
      This study looked at the chemical and neural mechanisms that underlie learning and memory. A repeated acquisition task was used to develop an animal model of learning and memory.
    • Effects of Chlorpromazine in Rats Trained to Discriminate Between 2 and 22 Hr Food Deprivation 

      Dobbe, Jennifer E.; Donovan, Bryan A.; Hoida, Emily J.; Franklin, Bethany R.; Gomer, Bailey; Johnson, Amy R.; Michener, M.J.; Nelson, Courtney L.M.; Reed, Krystal A.; Van Asten, Ryan M.; Vargo, Joseph P. (2012-04)
      Chlorpromazine, a typical antipsychotic, has been shown to have varying effects on food intake. Chlorpromazine is a dopamine antagonist that blocks several dopamine receptors (including D1 and D2). Previous research ...