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    • Resident Assistants' Perceptions of Alcohol Use : Consequences for Students Living on Campus 

      Quinn, Allison; Skurla, Emily; White, Maria; Bauer, Andrea (2010-04)
      The purpose of this study was to explore challenges in the role of resident assistants (RAs) in situations where students are influenced by alcohol, and to explore the implications of alcohol use in UWEC residence halls ...
    • Stress and Coping in Spouses of Deployed Military. 

      Hoepner, Ann E.; Moore, Kevin J.; Divyak, Katharine M. (2009-01-09)
      The purpose of this research is to describe and explore experiences related to stress levels and coping strategies of spouses of deployed military members living in a rural setting. The sample consisted of 20 spouses ...
    • Using Evidence to Decrease Hospital Readmissions in Chronic Care Management 

      Legenza, Brittney; Mueller, Brooke; Soderberg, Nicole (2012-04)
      Decreasing the number of hospital readmissions for persons with chronic conditions is essential for decreasing health care costs. This study focused on synthesizing research evidence and patient information on hospital ...