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    • Smartphone Usage : Associations with Cognition, Motivation, and Sleep Patterns 

      Hite, Emily M.; Moeller, Madison D,; Westerland, Sarah M.; Dortch, Sierra D.; Becker, Samuel J.; Langley, Camryn D.; Lehto, Elisabeth A.; Lortie, Margot M.; Leland, David S. (2019-05)
      College students’ smartphone use presents concerns with academic dishonesty, distraction, sleep disturbances, and social withdrawal. We conducted a survey to focus on the relationship between phone use/attitudes and ...
    • Survey on COVID-19 : Related Behaviors and Opinions 

      Miller, Amber; Hunt, Josie; Westerland, Maggie; Lortie, Margot M.; Langley, Camryn D.; Huber, Aaron; Leland, David S. (2021-04)
      In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, preventative safety measures (e.g., mask-wearing, hand washing, social distancing) have become commonplace, although with varied acceptance. In addition, there have been profound changes ...