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    • Comparison of Cases Presenting Late Onset Stuttering 

      Karker, Rachel; Kuleta, Erina; Perkl, Kristin (2010-04)
      Two separate cases involving late onset of stuttering were compared. Both were the only cases of late onset stuttering evaluated in the past 15 years at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Center for Communication ...
    • Evidence-Based Practice of Speech Language Pathologists Working with People Who Have Dementia 

      Shane, Cara (2011-05)
      This study was initiated to investigate popular therapy techniques and learn how Speech Language Pathologists are using evidence-based practice when working with individuals who have dementia.
    • Longitudinal Case Study : Stuttering and High Functioning Autism 

      Veress, Nina; Sheldon, Jessica; Brusehaber, Allsun; Edwards, Kayla; Napierala, Jenna; Nyeggen, Emily (2010-04)
      Past research has suggested that individuals with high functioning autism or Asperger's Syndrome (HFA/AS) produce sound-syllable and whole word repetitions and one-word revisions on 25% of utterances as opposed to 14% of ...