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    • Long-term Impact of a Campus Suicide Prevention Program 

      Kosiak, Michael; Havertape, Lindsey; Immerfall, Katie M.; DeLaPena, Alex; Stewart, Ashley; Miresse, Kim (2012-04)
      An increasing number of college students face significant mental health problems (ACHA, 2007), which places them at elevated risk for suicide. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for college students (AAS, 2012; CDC, ...
    • Test Order Effects in a Study of Multimedia Learning 

      Immerfall, Katie M.; Nelson, Drew R.I.; Murken, Nathaniel B. (2012-04)
      PowerPoint is widely used as a lecture aid in classrooms. In several well-controlled laboratory studies, variables were evaluated that may help or hinder learning from PowerPoint presentations used in academic classrooms ...