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    • Does Habitat Restoration Work? A Case Study From Utah's Escalante River 

      Wellnitz, Todd A.; Miller, Garrett; Kasza, Kevin; Edwards, Samantha; Frenn, Emma; Chadbourne, Mikayla; Cook, Sonja; Lind, Dana (2018-04)
      The Escalante River ecosystem, like many across the southwestern United States, is threatened by invasive Russian olives trees (Elaeagnus angustifolia).Russian olives are drought tolerant nitrogen-fixers that form dense ...
    • Human Dimensions of Chronic Wasting Disease in Wisconsin 

      Edwards, Samantha; Kleintjes Neff, Paula K. (2019-05)
      CWD is a disease caused by prions (an infectious protein particle similar to a virus). CWD can affect deer, elk, moose and reindeer. The first case of CWD in Wisconsin was discovered in 2002 and in Eau Claire County in ...