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    • Antifungal Susceptibility of Candida albicans Biofilms under Hyperbaric Conditions 

      Tourville, Claudia; Rigden, Gabrielle; Bailey-Hartse, Scott (2018-05)
      Candia albicans is a fungus notorious for infection of indwelling medical devices and inflamed tissues in immunocompromised patients. Its unique ability to form biofilms, or scaffold-like networks, makes it increasingly ...
    • Behind the Bar : Simplifying Beer Headspace Analysis 

      Reiter, Samantha; Rigden, Gabrielle; Tourville, Claudia; Coonen, Lindsey; Meier, Anna; Bailey-Hartse, Scott (2019-05)
      As the popularity of microbreweries grows in Wisconsin, young breweries such as Modicum Brewery found in the Eau Claire area are encountering obstacles not faced by larger, more established facilities. Chemical analysis ...
    • Floating vs Headspace SPME for Beer Volatile Analysis 

      Coonen, Lindsey; Gajeski, Anthony; Hammen, Hailey; Bailey-Hartse, Scott (2020-04)
      Ever since Meilgaard’s classic papers attempting to unite the art and science of brewing, researchers have developed and employed a wide variety of chromatographic methods to identify and quantitate volatile organic compounds ...