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    • Chunking for Massive Nonlinear Kernel Classification 

      Thompson, Michael; Mangasarian, Olvi (2006)
      A chunking procedure [2] utilized in [18] for linear classifiers is proposed here for nonlinear kernel classification of massive datasets. A highly accurate algorithm based on nonlinear support vector machines that ...
    • Finite Newton Method for Lagrangian Support Vector Machine Classi cation 

      Mangasarian, Olvi; Fung, Glenn (2002)
      An implicit Lagrangian [19] formulation of a support vector machine classi er that led to a highly e ective iterative scheme [18] is solved here by a nite Newton method. The proposed method, which is extremely fast and ...
    • Survival-Time Classi cation of Breast Cancer Patients 

      Wolberg, William; Mangasarian, Olvi; Lee, Yuh-Jye (2001)
      The identi cation of breast cancer patients for whom chemother- apy could prolong survival time is treated here as a data mining prob- lem. This identi cation is achieved by clustering 253 breast cancer patients into ...