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    • Lagrangian Support Vector Machines 

      Musicant, David; Mangasarian, Olvi (2000)
      An implicit Lagrangian for the dual of a simple reformulation of the standard quadratic program of a linear support vector machine is proposed. This leads to the minimization of an unconstrained di erentiable convex ...
    • Large Scale Kernel Regression via Linear Programming 

      Musicant, David; Mangasarian, Olvi (1999)
      The problem of tolerant data tting by a nonlinear surface, in- duced by a kernel-based support vector machine [24], is formulated as a linear program with fewer number of variables than that of other linear programming ...
    • Robust Linear and Support Vector Regression 

      Musicant, David; Mangasarian, Olvi (2000-09)
      The robust Huber M-estimator, a differentiable cost function that is quadratic for small errors and linear otherwise, is modeled exactly, in the original primal space of the problem, by an easily solvable simple convex ...