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  • Repository data of striation scans 

    Zoet, Lucas (2024-01)
    Abrasion acts to smooth glacial terrains and leaves behind linear scratch-like features (striations) on bedrock landscapes. Striations are often used as measures of glacier flow directions, but their morphology can provide ...
  • An experimental baseline for ice-till strain indicators 

    Zoet, Lucas (Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 2022)
    Subglacial till can deform when overriding ice exerts shear traction at the ice-till interface. This deformation leaves a strain signature in the till, aligning grains in the direction of ice flow and producing a range of ...
  • Constraints on transient glacier slip with ice-bed separation 

    Zoet, Lucas; Stevens, Nate (UW Madison, 2022-11-01)
    Glacier slip facilitates fast glacier flow and modulates sea-level rise, but empirical constraints on slip-controlling processes at relevant scales are limited. Modern slip rules often assume debris-free basal ice and ...
  • Data for "A power-based abrasion law for use in landscape evolution models" 

    Hansen, Dougal D.; Brooks, Jeremy P.; Zoet, Lucas K.; Stevens, Nathan T.; Smith, Lillian; Bate, Charlotte E.; Jahnke, Ben J. (2022-10)
    Subglacial abrasion drives erosion for many glaciers, inundating forefields and proglacial marine environments with glaciogenic sediments. Theoretical treatments of this process suggest that bedrock abrasion rates scale ...
  • Transport properties of fast ice within the nearshore 

    Zoet, Lucas (2022-07-01)
    Fast ice affects many coastlines in high- and mid-latitude regions, shaping the coastal morphology by acting as both a protective barrier from winter storms and as an erosive agent through sediment entrainment and transport. ...
  • Data for "Characterizing sediment flux of deforming glacier beds" 

    Hansen, Dougal; Zoet, Lucas (Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 2022-03-01)
    Deformation of subglacial sediment during basal slip shapes the beds of many fast-flowing glaciers and ice streams. The resultant sediment flux impacts glacier dynamics and rates of subglacial erosion over a range of ...
  • Sample Mount Images 

    Turnier, Rachelle (2022)
  • Data Repository Items 

    Turnier, Rachelle (2022)
  • transient slip data 

    Zoet, Lucas (Journal of Glaciology, 2021-11-24)
    Glacier slip is usually described using steady-state sliding laws that relate drag, slip velocity and effective pressure, but where subglacial conditions vary rapidly transient effects may influence slip dynamics. Here we ...
  • GBL Drumlins 

    Zoet, Lucas (2021-06-01)
    Drumlin shape has been hypothesized to correlate with ice flow duration and slip speed, but modern-day analogs and the Coulomb nature of till render the basis of these correlations in question. The evolution of flow-parallel ...
  • Proglacial_DEMs 

    Woodard, Jacob; Zoet, Lucas; Iverson, Neal; Helanow, Christian (2021)
    Proglacial digital elevation models (DEMs) from the Swiss Alps and the Canadian Rockies.
  • Seasonality in cold coast bluff erosion processes 

    Zoet, Lucas; Roland, Collin (Geomorphology, 2020-09)
    High water levels in the Laurentian Great Lakes are causing widespread erosion of unlithified coastal bluffs and damaging infrastructure. Measurements of bluff recession along Wisconsin’s Lake Michigan coast are mostly ...
  • Bluff erosion data 

    Zoet, Lucas (AGU, 2020-09)
    The water level in Lake Michigan began rising in 2013. Historically, erosion of the bluffs along the shoreline increases when water levels rise and remain high, beginning at the toe and propagating upslope, potentially ...
  • Biax experiment data 

    Zoet, Lucas (AGU, 2020)
    While analysis of glacial seismicity continues to be a widely-used method for interpreting subglacial processes, the underlying mechanics controlling basal stick-slip seismicity remain speculative. Here, we report on ...
  • Múlajökull GPR 

    Woodard, Jacob B. (2020-06)
    GPR dataset described in Woodard JW, Zoet LK, Benediktsson ÍÖ, Iverson NR, Finlayson, A (2020) Insights into drumlin development from ground penetrating radar at múlajökull, iceland, a surge-type glacier, Journal of ...
  • Supporting Data for: Do large earthquakes occur at regular intervals through time? A perspective from the geologic record. 

    Williams, Randolph T; Davis, Joshua R; Goodwin, Laurel B (2019-06-03)
    We analyzed a catalogue of 31 published earthquake chronologies to assess the commonality of quasi-periodic earthquake recurrence across a range of fault types and tectonic settings. The statistical approach we employ ...
  • Sonar Mapping of the Underside of Sea Ice Final Report 

    Kan, T.K.; Berkson, J.M.; Clay, C.S. (1973-02)

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