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    • Cores, Debugging, and Coverage 

      Ohmann, Peter; Liblit, Ben (2015-06-04)
      Debugging is difficult and costly, especially for production failures. To aid developers, we enhance core memory dumps produced by crashing applications with lightweight, tunable tracing. We propose two complementary ...
    • Encoding Optimal Customized Coverage Instrumentation 

      Ohmann, Peter; Brown, David Bingham; Neelakandan, Naveen; Linderoth, Jeff; Liblit, Ben (2016-08-26)
      Program coverage is an important software quality metric. Coverage is most commonly gathered in the testing lab during development. However, developers also sometimes use inexpensive forms of program coverage in ...
    • Supporting Proofs for Control-Flow Recovery from Partial Failure Reports 

      Ohmann, Peter; Brooks, Alexander; D'Antoni, Loris; Liblit, Ben (2017-04-28)
      Debugging post-deployment failures is difficult, in part because failure reports from these applications usually provide only partial information about what occurred during the failing execution. We introduce approaches ...