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    • 2009 WI Oral History Day - Eau Claire, WI 

      Lee, Chuck; Mann, John; Sommers, Barb; Sloan, Stephen (2009)
      Selections from the 2009 WI Oral History Day Conference held April 26-27, 2009 in Eau Claire, WI. Topics include working in and with diverse communities, shared authorship, and the Creation of The American Indian Oral ...
    • 2010 WI Oral History Day - Milwaukee, WI 

      Yang, Baognia; Vang, Chia; Turnbull, Peggy; Kou Lee, Pa; Her, Sue; Apfelbeck, Laura; Frost, Susan; Yang, Lee; Moye, J. Todd; Kercher, Stephen; Burger, Amy; Gonion, Kris (2010)
      Selections from the 2010 WI Oral History Day Conference held March 28-28, 2010 in Milwaukee, WI. Topics include Hmong Diaspora Studies, overcoming stereotypes, cross-cultural and cross-generational interviewing, Tuskeegee ...
    • Dorothy Keenan (418) 

      Mailied questionnaire; Keenan, Dorothy (1984)
    • George Mosse audio clip 

      unknown; Mosse, George (1982)
    • Interview with Joyce Rugen (1048) 

      Rendler, Liz; Rugen, Joyce (2009-08-01)
    • Irving Ungar, Carlyn Strauss Ungar (420), 1 of 1 

      Mailed; Ungar, Carlyn Strauss; Ungar, Irving (1984)
    • Leslie G. Janett 

      Mailed questionnaire; Janett, Leslie G. (1985)
    • Oral Hisotory Interview: David Black (1044) 

      Genske, Tara; Black, David (2009-08-02)
    • Oral History Interview: Barbara Wolfe (0783) 

      Pfahler, Sandy; Wolfe, Barbara (2006-07-07)
    • Oral History Interview, Aili Tripp (1337) 

      Tripp, Aili (2013-05-13)
      In her 13 May 2013 interview with Crawford Young, Tripp described her childhood in Tanzania, where her father worked in with the Lutheran World Federation, and her mother was an anthropologist. She attended school in ...
    • Oral History Interview, Alan Fish (1183) 

      Fish, Alan (2011-12-09)
      In his three December 2011 interviews with Troy Reeves, Alan Fish details his career at UW—Madison. Fish discusses events in the following decades: 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s and the following topics: UW—Madison ...
    • Oral History Interview, Albert Miller (1479) 

      Miller, Albert (2016-02-10)
      In his interview with Troy Reeves on February 15, 2016, Dr. Albert Miller talks about his time as a Ford Scholar at the University of Wisconsin in the 1950s. Utilizing a condition of the Ford scholarship which allowed him ...
    • Oral History Interview, Alexander Nagel (1077) 

      Nagel, Alexander (2010-02-23)
      In his three February 2010 interviews with Bob Lange, Alex Nagel charts the progress of his career as a mathematician and administrator at the University of Wisconsin-Madison through the 1970s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. After ...
    • Oral History Interview, Ambrose Haas (1604) 

      Haas, Ambrose (2017-03-18)
      In his 2017 interview with his grandson Steven Haas, Ambrose Haas describes his time in the U.S. Navy during WWII. He begins with his knowledge about the war as a youth in the Bronx, and his navy training at multiple bases ...
    • Oral History Interview, Anatole Beck (1057) 

      Beck, Anatole (2009-09-23)
      In his two September 2009 interviews with Bob Lange, Anatole Beck talks about his work and activism from the 1950s to the late 2000s. Beck chronicled his family background and education which influenced the development of ...
    • Oral History Interview, Andrew & Joanna Dane (1218) 

      Dane, Andrew; Dane, Joanna (2011-03-26)
      Joanna and Andrew Dane speak about their peace corps experiences in Guatemala and Central African Republic. They talk about how they both fell in love with each other in Guatemala while serving in the Peace Corps. They ...
    • Oral History Interview, Angelika Bammer (1470) 

      Bammer, Angelika (2015-03-06)
      Angelika Bammer was born in Germany. She studied at the University of Heidelberg before she earned her PhD in Comparative Literature at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Bammer is the author of Partial Visions: Feminism ...
    • Oral History Interview, Ankit Kapoor (2247) 

      Kapoor, Ankit (2023-01-01)
      In this interview conducted by Aarush Arun as part of the oral history collection of the UW-Madison Archives COVID-19 project, Ankit Kapoor explains his views on distance learning and how he much preferred in-person learning ...
    • Oral History Interview, Anna Harden (1246) 

      Harden, Anna (2010-05-18)
      In her oral history interviews, Anna talks about her childhood leading up to her raising her own grandchildren. A common theme that she discusses is how the times change, people change: from disciplining children to what ...
    • Oral History Interview, Anna Huttenlocher (2160) 

      Huttenlocher, Anna (2022-07-19)
      In this July 21st interview with Francisco Hernandez Moleres, Prof. Anna Huttenlocher reflects on her career as a physician scientist, and shares her thoughts about receiving the 2022 Hilldale Award. Throughout the ...