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    • Expectations and Exchange Rate Policy 

      Devereux, Michael B.; Engel, Charles (2006)
      Empirical evidence and theoretical discussion have long emphasized the impact of "news" on exchange rates. In most exchange rate models, the exchange rate acts as an asset price and, as such, responds to news about ...
    • Taylor Rules and the Deutschmark Dollar Real Exchange Rate 

      Engel, Charles; West, Kenneth D. (2006)
      The authors explore the link between an interest rate rule for monetary policy and the behavior of the real exchange rate. The interest rate rule, in conjunction with some standard assumptions, implies that the ...
    • The U.S. Current Account Deficit and the Expected Share of World Output 

      Engel, Charles; Rogers, John H. (2006)
      This paper investigates the possibility that the large current account deficits of the United States are the outcome of optimizing behavior. It develops a simple long-run world equilibrium model in which the current ...