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    • Attitudes on Immigrants : Stories vs. Statistics 

      Castellanos, Emmanuel; Bleske-Rechek, April L. (2019-05)
      The topic of immigration is a politically polarizing issue despite the U.S.A.’s characterization as a post-racial nation-state. In the current research, we tested the hypothesis that people’s attitudes about immigration ...
    • From Hungary to Ecuador in the 20th Century : European Immigration to South America and its Modern Implications 

      Hagstrom, Eric; Oberly, James Warren, 1954- (2017-03-08)
      The purpose of this project is to analyze the nature of European migration to South America in the early 20th century, in particular by using an example of a young women’s journey from Hungary to Ecuador. Often the United ...
    • Health Status Survey of Somali Immigrants in Barron County, Wisconsin 

      McHenry, Megan; Widmer, Kathleen; York, Elizabeth; Houle, Amanda; Alasagheirin, Mohammad H. (2017-04-06)
      The purpose of this pilot study was to describe the general health status and health behavior of Somali population in Barron County WI. The study aims to acquire preliminary data regarding the prevalence of common chronic ...