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    • Facebook : the Effects of Self-Esteem and Self Disclosure on Facebook. 

      Miller, Jules; Sulerud, Kyle; Schuett, Steven; Willkom, Bryan; Dworski, Jana; Nyberg, Luke (2009-02-04)
      This study examined the amount of participant-reported self-disclosure on Facebook, particularly as it relates to participants' self-esteem.
    • Facebook and the Maintenance of Social Capital. 

      Suek, Erin; Neubauer, Alicia; Collins, Amanda; Anderson, Ashley; Hayes, Zachary (2009-02-10)
      This study examines the usage of Facebook, a widely favored online social networking site, as a means to maintain social capital by University of Wisconsin--Eau Claire students. The study looks at the relationship between ...
    • Facebook Friends--Near and Far. 

      Miller, Nick; Clemens, Michelle; Gustafson, Kelsey; Brandt, Katie; Kirt, Megan (2009-01-30)
      The research question under investigation is how has the use of Facebook strengthened the emotional relationships of those both geographically close and far away? 200 full time University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Students ...