The Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures and the Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies are sibling organizations committed to the languages and cultures of the region's peoples. The Max Kade focuses primarily on German-American immigration, history, culture, and language, while the Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures is concerned with all of the region's cultural groups. Both units foster research and the preservation of archival collections, while producing educational and outreach programs for a broad public audience. They also assist community groups, classrooms, and scholars with projects.

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Recent Submissions

  • Trick-or-Treating Exposed: Protecting Your Family on All Hallows Eve Night 

    Howard, Robert; Fahey, Kaitlyn; Wirth, Lori; Trachtman, Alyson; Guthrie, David; Dibble, Michael; Crokus, Katie (2012-12-27)
  • A Gathering of Faith-Seeking Students- Primetime 

    Howard, Robert Glenn; Elsmo-Siebert, Annastasia; Read, Gabrielle; Filipiak, Hannah; Wiese, Liz; Krutza, Nick; Evers, Casey (2012-12-27)
  • Badger Pride 

    Howard, Robert; Weisman, Allison; Chloe, Makhani; Kate, Llaurado; Kevin, Pickett; Agnes, Mroz; Ethan, Krupp; Feldman, Kim; Cox, Morgan; Dalzin, Bryce (2012-12-27)
  • CYC Fitness: Madison's Social Spinning Studio 

    Howard, Robert; Morris, Hannah; Ullrich, Kait; Smith, Becca; Howe, Laura; Lipshutz, Daniel; Miller, Amy (2012-12-27)
  • Ofek Shalom Co-op 

    Howard, Robert; Smerling, Elliana; Markman, Elliot; Gardner, Allie; Levinger, Jeremy; Schwab, Rebecca (2012-12-27)
  • Humans Vs. Zombies-Madison Documentary 

    Howard, Robert; Horowitz, Matthew; Condron, Ryan; Brandt, Steven; Schindler, Collin; Schuh, Abby; Turek, Alex (2012-12-27)
  • WSUM-DJ Behavior 

    Howard, Robert; Berman, Hanna; Dahlquist, Jackson; Sender, Malka; Smerling, Elli; Trifon, Madison (2012-12-27)
  • Ask A Reference Librarian 

    Howard, RH; Martin, Ashley; Espe, Troy; Anonymous 2, Anonymous 2; Metcalf, Jesse; McClements, Nancy; Anonymous, Anonymous (2012-12-27)
  • Coming Out Stories in Ten Percent Society 

    Howard, Robert; Angst, Morgan; Evans, Brian; Meyer, Roxanne; Stone, Emily; Gaudet, Brinae; Herronen, Rebecca (2012-12-27)
  • Jewish, Christian and Sigma Delta Tau: One Family, One Sisterhood 

    Howard, Robert; Landau, Tyler; Hayes, Maggie; Batista, Stephanie; Rosenberg, Danielle; Highbloom, Melanie; Greenberg, Jamie (2012-12-27)
  • DesignLab 

    Howard, Rob; Read, Gabrielle (2012-12-27)
  • Bikers in Madison 

    Howard, Robert; Barber, Dana; Reisbaum, Max; Melworm, Chelsea; Salsberg, Arielle; Mulne, Lauren (2012-12-27)
  • Group Chess: That's Not How They Did It In My Day 

    Howard, Robert; Ware, Stephen; Kiesler, Christopher; Perkins, Chaney; McGrath, Andrew; Starks, Adrian (2012-12-27)
  • Max Kade Institute Friends Newsletter, Vol. 8, no. 3, Fall 1999 

    Reinhardt, Annie; Gaebler, Max; Geiger, Steve; Devitt, Mary; James, Charles (1998)
    Content: "150 year of G?A culture in Wisconsin" --- "Research News" --- "In the Studio of the Master, Part 2" --- "Biennial Plattd��tsch Konferenz" --- "Fall Lectures" --- "New Library Acquisitions" --- "Forthcoming ...
  • Max Kade Institute Friends Newsletter, Vol. 7, no. 3, Fall 1998 

    Lind, Michael; Langer, Edward G.; Devitt, Mary; Salmons, Joseph; Karolle, K. Julia; Geiger, Steven R. (1998)
    Contents: "'Defining Tensions' Conference Schedule" --- "Lectures, at the MKI and Statewide" --- "Crossing New Boundaries: 'Concepts of Regionalism'" --- "Frank P. Gross in Memoriam" --- "German Playgroup Started" --- ...
  • Max Kade Institute Friends Newsletter, Vol. 7, no. 1, Fall 1997 

    Geitz, Henry; Salmons, Joe (2012-10-18)
    Contents: "Changes and Challenges: The MKI Looks Ahead" --- "Friends Publish Biographical Dictionary of German-American Artists" --- "August Willich: German Humanist and American Patriot" --- "Genealogy Corner" --- "Special ...
  • Redefined- the Art of A Cappella 

    Howard, Robert Glenn; Waller, Amanda; Grace, Graszer; Alec, Hoge; Samuel, Fleischman; Carpenter, Sarah (2012-09-04)
  • Moravian Chicken Pies 

    Howard, Rob; Rogers, Becky; Van Hecke, Kathleen; Van Hecke, Joe; Almquist, Sheri; Smith, Ian; Johnson, Ruth; Johnson, Martin; Wegner, Jane; Plummer, Mary Lou (2012-09-04)
  • Street Mechanics 

    Howard, Robert G; Kirby, Santana; Howard, Robert (2012-09-04)
  • Marine Option NROTC 

    Howard, Robert; Hadar, James; Allen, Kevin; Davis, Corey; Dumke, Robert; Hopkins, Jorjio; Kocab, Christopher (2012-09-04)

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