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    • An Analysis of Physiological Arousal in Response to Sad and Fearful Video Stimuli 

      Vidmar, Kim; Pittala, Keerthi; Hanna, Rewais; McLaughlin, Kristine; Bond, Quamaine (Journal of Advanced Student Sciences (JASS), 2016)
      Sadness and fear are two emotions that play an important role in acclimating to our environment. Sadness has often been associated with a decrease in response to one’s environment, while fear is thought to activate the ...
    • The role of coping potential on regulating resolved vs unresolved sadness 

      Petrouske, Alisha (2014-05)
      Emotional events are appraised primarily through their implications to an individual's well-being and the person's capabilities for coping with the event (Mesquita & Frijda, 1992). Previous research found when dealing ...