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    • Attitudes Towards Police Use of Force 

      Palecek, Brady C.; Tryhus, Aaron M.; Goodman, Jeffrey A. (2017-03-03)
      In the present study, we aim to shed light on this important social issue and see if there is a difference on how individuals view police use of force when we manipulate variables such as race/ethnicity and sex.
    • Cohort racial composition: the impact on student achievement 

      Walker, Nicholas (University of Wisconsin--Whitewater, 2018-04)
      I examine the effect racial composition of a classroom has on student achievement. Utilizing a first differencing approach to perform adjacent cohort-to-cohort comparisons, I can allow for randomness of births within a ...
    • The McNair Scholars Journal, 2012 

      Stricker, Michelle; Anderson, D; Christensen, Michael; Scheid, Kirsten; Nelson, Scott; Lohese, K. Jean; Granger, Stanly; Peterson, Rebecca; Adler, John; Schlender, Jenny; Osterlund, Jenna R. (University of Wisconsin-Superior, 2012)
    • The McNair Scholars Journal, 2014 

      Austin, C. Lee; Gorham, Ileigh; Kronenwetter, John; Tudor, Karada D.; Omoru, Matilda; McGraw, Hunter; Mauch, Sydnie; Phelps, Rachel; Daw, Julianne; Vang, T.K.; Vue, Lyvong; Charette, Elliot (University of Wisconsin-Superior, 2014)
      The McNair Program at the University of Wisconsin-Superior prepares income eligible, first generation college students and students from groups underrepresented in graduate education for doctoral study. It is a nationwide ...
    • On Racial Frontiers : The Function of Race in America, 1800-1860 

      Nelson, Hayden L.; Sturtevant, Andrew; Geniusz, Wendy Makoons (2018-05)
      Historians have noted that the idea of race begins to become entrenched in the minds of white Americans beginning in the late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries. This paper focuses on the duality of race as a ...
    • School-to-Prison Pipeline; Its Creation, Effects, and How It Can Be Diminished 

      McConville, Madalaine (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, 2019-04)
      The school-to-prison pipeline is a term that refers to a system of policies and practices that pushes students out of the classroom and into the criminal justice system and mainly affects children of color, children with ...
    • The Wisconsin Rebound: the Fall and Rise of Housing Prices in Wisconsin During the Great Recession 

      Haxton, Grant; Klau, James; Luettgen, Bryan (2018-12-17)
      This paper details the Wisconsin housing market during the Great Recession. We explore how race, income and density factored into the fall and rise of housing prices from 2003 to 2018, a period spanning before, during ...