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    • A Project to Enhance John Muir Middle School's Environmental Education through Curriculum for Muir's Eagle's Nest and an Inservice for the Faculty 

      Vollmers, Estelle K. (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, College of Natural Resources, 1995-05)
      This paper deals with the development of environmental education curriculum materials for use in Muir's Eagle's Nest, an outdoor classroom, at John Muir Middle School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As a part of this project ...
    • Projection in 12-run Plackett and Burman 

      Tyssedal, John (1993-06)
      In this article we prove the form of the projections in the 12-run Plackett and Burman design. We do this by exploiting the close relationship between Hadamard matrices, orthogonal two-level arrays and a special type of ...
    • Projection Support Vector Machines 

      Meyer, Robert; Gonzalez-Castano, Francisco (2000)
      Large-scale classification is a very active research line in data mining. It can be applied to problems like credit card fraud detection or content-based document browsing. In recent years, several efficient algorithms for ...
    • Projections 

      Nimmer, Raine (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2016-04)
      Lost objects intrigue me. Lost objects have been tossed aside by someone who had assumed they were useless, while others were unknowingly dropped on the sidewalk or street. Some were deliberately thrown into the trash ...
    • Projective Properties of Certain Orthogonal Arrays 

      Tyssedal, John; Box, George (1996)
      The projective properties of two-level orthogonal array designs are important in factor screening. General results are given which, in particular, allow the designs derived by Plackett and Burman to be categorized in terms ...
    • Projects that title land in Central and South America and the Caribbean : expectations and problems 

      Stanfield, David (Land Tenure Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1985-06)
    • Prologue 

      Corré, Alan; Castellanos, Carles (2010-02-04)
      This is a translation into English from Catalan of the Prologue to "La Lingua Franca. Consideracions cr�tiques" by Carles Castellanos. It describes the development of Lingua Franca, with special reference to sources in ...
    • Prologue (Dibacha and Ishq-o-Sifat-e Ishq) 

      Bedford, Ian; Asar, Khvaja Saiyid Muhammad (Department of Languages and Cultures of Asia, UW-Madison, 2010)
    • Prologue 2008 

      Allsop, Sara; Brager, Kyle; Brigman, Austin D.; Buckvold, Marilyn; Butler, Margaret; Carlson, Christine; Fechner, Lauren; Fischer, Julie R.; Gaffer, Kathy; Germain, Maria; Haden, Margaret; Hoffman, Jesse; Hubing, Danielle; Hutton, Lindsay; Isenberger, Annaka; Kerschner, Brittany; Kitzrow, Nate; Knutson, Shannon; Kroska, Brett; Kummer, Amorett; Lampert, Anita; Lande, Joe; Lawton, Anne; Lee, Seung Joo; Loosbrock, Matt; Luedtke, Timothy; Maliszewski, Abby; Malkmus, Alli; Manering, Aaren; McMillan, Colleen; McMillan, Matthew P.; Nadeau, Angela; Newman, Don; Odlaug, Peter; Percy, Vanessa Faye; Sand, Shelby; Swanson, Nathaniel; Syring, Emily; Thorson, Joel; Washam, Christie; Young, Angela; Brookins, Brad; Baird, Amadeline; McKay, Jaci; Schutjer, Aaron; Witschen, Jeff (University of Wisconsin-River Falls, 2008-04-18)
      2008 edition of Prologue, the University of Wisconsin-River Falls student literary and art publication.
    • Prolonged bottle feeding and the association with overweight and obesity -- a retrospective study of women, infant, and children program enrolled participants three and four years of age 

      Bradley, Bobbi (2009-12-15)
      This study investigated the connection between prolonged baby bottle use and weight status among Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program enrolled participants 3 and 4 years of age in Portage County, Wisconsin. WIC ...
    • Prolonging the War for a Permanent Peace: Wisconsin Soldiers and the 1864 Election. 

      Karel, Scott (2008-06-11)
      The main focus of this essay was to find out what the motivations were for Civil War soldiers from Wisconsin in their choice for president in the 1864 election. The decision was a difficult one: they could either stay ...
    • Prometheus, v. 10, 1987 

      Laing, Mike; Fox, Tim; Aschenbrener, Dave; Lang, Warren; Michael, John (University of Wisconsin--Stout, 1987)
      Editor's Note: Prometheus has come a long way since the student creative arts journal first appeared at Stout. For 1987 we have moved into the computer age by designing the book entirely on an electronic screen, and doing ...
    • Prometheus, v. 11, 1988 

      Aschenbrener, Dave; Ott, Jacqueline; Pemberton, Gretchen; Thompson, Terri; Lang, Warren; de Grood, Gretchen (University of Wisconsin--Stout, 1988)
      Editor's Note: Prometheus creative arts journal has been in existence for some twenty years now. The sole purpose of Prometheus, to promote creativity here at Stout, has been achieved over and over. This year we expanded ...
    • Prometheus, v. 12, 1989 

      Aschenbrener, Dave; Schaeffer, Laura; Nasello, Monique; Golat, Bridget; Nelson, Jeff; Horan, Robert; Thompson, Terri (University of Wisconsin--Stout, 1989)
      Editor's Note: Prometheus, the creative arts journal, has been in existence for some twenty years. The sole purpose of Prometheus, to promote creativity here at Stout, has been achieved over and over. I believe that the ...
    • Prometheus, v. 13, 1990 

      Nelson, Jeff; Nasello, Monique; Reitsman, Amy; Geurst, Laura; Cohrs, Kevin; Horan, Robert; Golat, Bridget (University of Wisconsin--Stout, 1990)
      Editor's Note I would to take this opportunity to say a few things about Prometheus and its purpose. Prometheus is UW-Stout's only creative arts journal. Its purpose is to allow students a vehicle of expression through a ...
    • Prometheus, v. 14/15, 1992 

      Horan, Robert; Lang, Warren; Aschenbrener, Lori; Scholen, Jonah; Ludlum, Todd (University of Wisconsin--Stout, 1992)
      Editor's Note: Prometheus, the creative arts journal exists to express the realm of creativity through the eyes and minds of UW-Stout students. The means of expression are exhibited through 3-dimensional art work, 2-dimensional ...
    • Prometheus, v. 16, 1993 

      Aschenbrener, Lori; Schuetz, Gary; Ingram, Tim; Craigmile, Andrew; Saifullah, Ejaz; Horan, Robert (University of Wisconsin--Stout, 1993)
      Editor's Note: The arts add color and vibrance to the otherwise mundane, manufactured world around us. Prometheus provides students another avenue to express their creative abilities and display their artistic skills. The ...
    • Prometheus, v. 4, 1981 

      Cox, Teresa; Spence, Lynne; Olson, David; Seguin, Paul; Walker, Jean; Lang, Warren; Schwerin, Craig; Wayne, Barbara (University of Wisconsin--Stout, 1981)
      Editor's Note: The Arts have been around for a long time. They have been the vehicle for numerous individuals to express themselves; to put themselves on the map, if you will. Modern society and economic conditions have ...