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  • Gender and Communication : Perceptions of Diffuse Status Characteristics in Workplace Email 

    Peterson, Leslie; Grogan-Ripp, Lucy; Smith, Gwendolyn; Walz, Caroline; White, Cole; Fay, Martha J.; Knutson, Kristine (2019-05)
    Previous research has shown that perceptions of gender act as a diffuse status characteristic which impacts how interlocutors perceive the competence, ability, and value of others. However, this research was conducted prior ...
  • The Spectrum of Pb : Lead Levels in Paint 

    Wenzel, Michael; Cleary, Patricia Anne (2019-05)
    There are still wide-spread sales of lead-based paint across Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. Lead exposure accounted for almost half a million deaths in 2016, which is relatively the same as deaths due to tobacco ...
  • Proglacial_DEMs 

    Woodard, Jacob; Zoet, Lucas; Iverson, Neal; Helanow, Christian (2021)
    Proglacial digital elevation models (DEMs) from the Swiss Alps and the Canadian Rockies.
  • Acquisition and Analysis of the Light Curve of Binary Star System BX Tri 

    Weise, Janessa; Stecher, George J.; Ford, Lyle (2019-05)
    We have obtained and analyzed a light curve of the contact binary star system BX Tri. We chose BX Tri because of its very short period, which is one of the shortest periods among known binary systems. We wanted to observe ...
  • Vocabulary and Teaching Strategies in a 4th Grade Classroom 

    Crise, Katie (2019)
    As students engage in the act of reading, they struggle to make vocabulary words authentic and meaningful in their own reading experience. This action research examines how the use of a variety of teaching strategies helps ...

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